Over the years the science of aviation has improved a lot. The word itself was formed with the two words Latin bird and the suffix-ation. There is a large history behind the aviation science. Flying Training is a course of study to pilot an aircraft. Aviation science has different variation like civil aviation, general aviation, military aviation etc. Flying the aeroplane is very prestigious job to be a pilot. The pilots have to go under some special kind of training. Flight training is consists of a combination of flight lessons, there theory is learned in preparation for the written examination. Flying Academy is flight school authorized bu the FAA ( Federal Aviation Administration) as well as the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). This is a government registered website, they also have reputation of 12 years in Europe. Flight Academy has a huge base in USA and Europe. In USA there base in located at Miami. Flying academy creates a multicultural learning environment with students from all around the world such as Brazil, Columbia, Romania, India etc. All in all, Flying Academy huge package of opportunities to offer and will give their students the required support needed to fulfill their dreams of becoming successful professional pilots.

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Students themselves believe the this is a best school all over the world. So all over the world they come here and get the training. There are so many couse ans offers such as EASA Flight Training Courses. We get special offers such as ipad, time building $82 /hour in our Miami base. Another good thing that stydy for their professional training program (From 0 to 500 hours, ATPL integrated, 0 to ATPL, FAA 0-CPL) free ipad through what they their study material wirelessly however study from cources who have the opertunity to buy ipad mini with a much afortable price

PPL(A)- Private Piolt Licence

ATPL(A)- Intregated Coucses- Intregated Course

ATPL(A) – Theory- Theorytal Courses

CPL(A)- Commercial Pilot License

JOC – Jet Orientation Courses

MCC – Multi Crew Corporation etc.

It is very easy when you want to find the relevant information all you need is just scroll down what others posted and you will get to know the required details. If you would like detailed information on the flight training courses, please fill in the below form and a Flight Training Consultant will be in touch with you shortly.