Flying Academy is the best flight school in Tamiami. Flying Academy USA is the flight school authorized by the FAA (part 141 and part 61).Our flight school located to just 13 miles southwest of Downtown Miami at Miami Executive Airport (KTMB),Miami FL,USA. Our Awesome customer service, Great environment,Very good CFI’s. This school experience is amazing, the students are always to help you..CFI’s best for you.All students to quickly collect their flight hours and jump into the seat of an airline.

Flight training is a course of study when learning to pilot and aircraft. Flight training consists of a combination of flight lessons given in the aircraft or a simulator and ground school.Flight schools commonly rent aircraft to the students.Our staff is always offer to help and guidance to foreign trainees and during your studies. Flying Academy USA is approved by the US Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration services to accept international students for full time training. Admission into the USA participate in the “M-1 Vocational Student Visa Status Program” requires the issuance of a BCIS I-20 from by the Academy.Our staff will help you find the most suitable place during your study. Students at Flying Academy have the opportunity to join programs to gain their Private Pilot License , add their instrument Rating as well as obtaining the commercial Pilot License leading up to the Airline Transport Pilot License.

Flying Academy offers rented fleet for their courses for hour building purposes such as—

  • Cessna 172 SP (Garmin G1000 Glass Cockpit)
  • Cessna 172 R
  • Cessna 152
  • Piper Cadet
  • Piper Warrior
  • Piper Arrow
  • Piper Seminole

People who an interest in courses offer by Flying Academy .There are a handful of options such as-

PPL – Private Pilot License

Private Pilot License is the most common type of license in General Aviation.

CPL – Commercial Pilot License

The Commercial Pilot Certificate is a qualification that permits the holder to act as a pilot of an aircraft for remuneration.

IR – Instrument Rating

Instrument Rating refers to the qualifications that is required in order to fly according to Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).

MEP – Multi Engine Piston

The Multi Engine Piston rating extends the privileges of a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) One of the main goals of the training is to be able to fly and handle the multi-engine piston aircraft.

CFI & CFII – Certified Flight Instructor

The Certified Flight Instructor license allows individuals to provide training to pilots .

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If you would like detailed information on the EASA and FAA flight training, please fill in the below form and a Flight Training Consultant will be in touch with you shortly.