Flying Academy is one of the fastest growing flight training schools in Europe that provides a standard of flight training in an airline – like environment .Flying Academy is a CAA CZ Approved Training Organization (ATO).EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) flight training school located in Prague and Brno, Czech Republic. Flying Academy opens the door to Europe! As a student of Flying Academy in one of the Czech Republic bases, students have the opportunity to visit countries all over Europe (that are in the European union) without having to go through any Visa trouble! Paris, Berlin, Rome etc. Czech Republic is the member state of the European Union.

Czech Republic is part of European Union, for EU citizens a visa is not needed. Our staff will be provide an official Invitation letter. Our staff will help you find the most suitable place during your study. We offer dorm type accommodation, fully furnished with complete kitchenette and internet. Our students can decide between house. All houses are fully furnished and are very close to the city centre and flight school.Our three family house- Eagle 1, Eagle 2 and Eagle 3. Eagle 1 is located just one bus station away from the school, about three kilometers.. Our second family- house Eagle 2. The accommodation is very close to the centre of the city, approximately 10 minutes.Last our family house Eagle 3  It is located in very luxurious neighbourhood in Brno.This house is very close to the public transportation. WiFi internet connection is also available.

Flying Academy offers rented fleet for their courses for hour building purposes such as-

Single engine aircraft:

  1. Cessna 152
  2. Cessna 172
  3. Cessna 172SP (Garmin G1000)
  4. Cessna P-210
  5. Piper Matrix (Garmin G1000)
  6. Piper Arrow
  7. Piper Warrior
  8. Cirrus SR-20 G2

Multi engine aircraft:

  1. Piper Seneca III
  2. Piper Seminole
  3. Helicopters
  4. Robinson R22
  5. Robinson R44


People who are interested in courses offer by Flying Academy .There are a several options such as –

  1. From 0 to ATPL(A) – Become an airline pilot, complete theoretical and practical course.
  2. ATPL(A) Integrated – For pilots who want to be trained full time for the airlines.
  3. ATPL(A) with US experience – First part of your training is done in Miami, Fl, USA.
  4. From 0 to 1.500 Flight Hours – Become a Flight Instructor and get your first job in Aviation. You will get ATPL Theory, PPL(A), CPL(A) licenses and the IR(A), MEP and FI(A) ratings.
  5. From 0 to 300 Flight Hours – International Pilot Program EASA 0-ATPL


We offer also separate Flight training courses—

  1. PPL(A), PPL(H) – Private Pilot License (airplane and helicopter)
  2. CPL – Commercial Pilot License
  3. MCC – Multi Crew Cooperation
  4. JOC – Jet Orientation Course
  5. Time Building in Europe and USA
  6. ICAO English examination, Aviation English

We offer a free iPad for all our students starting their flight training programs.

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