Flight School Review is the best forum , its related everything flying. Instructors, students and Prospective students come here to discuss all thing about flying. Flight School Reviewer helps prospective pilots choose the right school by presenting opinionated reviews of current or former students.If you would like to recommend or critique an aviation school, you will be helping future students make an informed decision . Flying Academy is the best flight school in Tamiami.

Top 3 best flight schools in the world-

Here is my selection the best flight school in the world.

CAE Oxford Aviation Academy ( Europe)

CAE Oxford Aviation Academy is the largest ab initio flight training network in the world. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Cadet Pilot Training Programs provide focused training to aspiring pilots across the globe.

This website given below –


CTC Wings ( Europe)

CTC Aviation Group Limited is a global leader in aviation training management solutions.We delivered training around the world for airlines. CTC wings is our flagship, training program for airlines.

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Flight Safety Academy ( USA)

Flight Safety Academy has been producing some industry’s for best graduates. This Academy one of the world’s largest pilot training organizations.

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Flight Academy is a flight school authorized by the FAA ( Federal Aviation Administration ) as well as the EASA ( European Aviation Safety Agency) . The academy’s highest priority is to provide a safe flying environment to all its pilots.

Students profit from the experience Flying Academy and its instructors have gathered throughout many years.The academy is able to provide excellent training through experienced pilots worldwide.It is the academy’s goal to create an interactive and diverse learning environmental.Flight Academy is led by Airline Pilots.They have developed a broad range of courses that lead the students all the way to their goal.

http://www.flyingacademy.com/ website provides professional flight training EASA cources suah as –


Flying Academy, one of the leading global flight schools, is proud to present our fleet. It consists of single and multi engine aircraft and helicopters maintained at the highest levels of safety. Our flight training schools in the United States is located in Miami, FL at Miami Executive Airport and Europe is located at Prague Letnany International Airport and Brno International Airport.If you r interested our training courses you can contact – Czech Republic : + 420 228 882 444 – Miami, FL, USA : +1(305)255-8753

We special offer

  1. A free ipad for all our students starting their flight training programs.
  2. Rock – bottom offer for all students of flying Academy.
  3. Airline pilot with the new cabin crew offer with flying Academy.
  4. Enjoy flying with Piper Seneca with flying Academy special offer.
  5. Enrich your training for experience in the USA.
  6. Unique opportunity to visit our training bases in Europe or in the USA.

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