Whether the dream of flying on three dimensions is your passion or a choice for your career opportunity, the essential step for fulfilling dream is to acquire solid and necessary information on aviation training and choose the right flying school. Of course, the task of choosing a flight school is not at all easy especially when you don’t have any prior aviation experience since you don’t have to choose a good flight school, but the best flight school.

Thankfully, when you are in Miami and looking for the best flying school, you don’t need to look here and there as we are doing the task for you. After an extensive research on training program, curriculum, professionalism of the instructors, weather, training instruments, aircrafts, costs and other accommodations, Flying Academy, Miami is the best flying school. Keep on reading to know the reviews for Flying Academy Miami before getting admitted in the flight school.

Features of Flying Academy, Miami

Before you opt for the admission in a flight school, you must gather as much knowledge as you can on the academy so that you get to know its pros and cons. Here also, you should know in-depth about the reviews for Flying Academy Miami.
Wonderful Location

Located only 21 kilometers southwest to Downtown Miami, this flight school is very near to Miami Executive Airport. Therefore the heavy traffic of the airport facilitates the trainees of this flight school who are looking forward a professional pilot career.\


Each flight school in the USA must follow the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) and these regulations come under two categories – Part 61 and Part 141. Now, whenever you are going to take admission in a flight training course, you should know first whether the school is authorized under FAA Part 61 or Part 141 since the training procedure, schedule, certification, instructors – everything may vary due to thea uthorization.

The great thing with Flying Academy Miami is that it is authorized by both the FAA Part 141 and FAA Part 61. When you are opting for the initial pilot training, choosing the program under 141 or 61 does not make big difference. However, when you are aiming for the commercial pilot applications, you will get to know the difference because, Part 141 needs 190 hours of training when Part 61 needs 250 hours.


One of the great features of this flight school is that it provides a wide range of modernized aircrafts to its students on which they can obtain the complete training program. Some of its top airplanes in its fleet are Cessna 172 SP, Cessna 172 R, Piper Warrior, and Piper Seminole and so on. You are facilitated to choose the rental service for per hour or full service package. Or else, sometimes the rent is included with the Flying Academy’s training courses.

Varied Courses

Since the academy is operated by the Airline Pilots, they have prepared and followed a well-researched and extensive range of courses through which the students are directed towards the right way to achieve their goals. From Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License to Certified Flight Instructor – the flight school has wide range of training programs that meet the requirements of all types of fliers.

Moreover, the cost of this flight school’s training is reasonable enough without the inclusion of unnecessary costs. The students are also provided accommodations whenever required.